Institute of Politics

About the Institute


The Institute of Politics delivers timely information about the major issues affecting our region to elected officials and community leaders—and the public whom they serve—and provides a neutral forum where diverse viewpoints are shared, synthesized, and applied to the goal of promoting an improved quality of life, government efficiency, and economic vitality in Western Pennsylvania.


The Institute of Politics will serve as the region’s most effective partner in the development of enlightened public policy that promotes the vitality of Western Pennsylvania to the benefit of all individuals, institutions, and businesses.

The Institute serves as an invaluable roundtable for discussion and education around key regional challenges. Participants learn from each other, and from the high quality of research presented by the Institute staff. Both sides of the aisle shine in their respective quality of debate, and their genuine interest in finding common ground and practical solutions. I genuinely believe that leaders come to the Institute to be better leaders, and to forge relationships which will them to get their jobs done.

- Dr. Edith L. Shapira, Chair, Board of Directors, The Pittsburgh Foundation